Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm back

1st i nid to say sorry for long time didnt manage my blog..hehe~
this few month happened a lot of things but is me too busy and lazy to type out...
2 days ago (friday), it's a full of memory day~
morning is my kindergarden party day,all the children dressed up very nice,that day they were very happy,cos they no nid to study just play.

he very cute right?

some of the 6 years old children.
they're having a picnic.
they pretend play to feeding the baby.
When i send the children back home, especially is 6 years old, i asked them will u remember me or not? they say yes. I really hope they can remember me, in that moment, my tears are around in the corner of my eye. Next year cant see them anymore, got some feeling that i cant to express. principal always said that u re the most welcome by the children, all children like Miss Teng.
Even i not a very pro teacher, but at least children like me, this also can be my achievement in this job.
Becos of children, so i like to be a teacher.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

monday and tuesday is my Ladybird take photo day...
sure i wear different to sch and take photo fun...1st time my role as a teacher to take photo o...a lot of ppl say i not look like a teacher,but i really feel it i am a teacher even they don admit it...but children treat me as a teacher enough...
look at them getting better in their work,even very naughty,and made me so.....angry! but i still love them from heart.

yesterday a boy who called ashton,donknow y he reject to go into the clsroom.but i talk to him,he willing to join me and read with me,then after that i try to made him go back to the clsroom,haha...a small reward made him go into the clsroom and say sorry to his teacher.
i felt i am so great,wahahah~

the education journey...i enjoy in it....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Work Hard For mY nEw sEmEsTeR

Start the new semester lol....this semester can't like b4 one,must be work hard and study hard,but can i do it ? i also donknow....haha~recently hav a game let me crazy in it,so...ahha..hehe...

so surprisingly of my result,i thought it must be fail but all passed and quite good of the result...haha~i reali happy ya~~~~keke~ semester i must work hard!!!gam bak teh!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

mY 1st t3aCheR DaY

16.5.2008 is my 1st teachers day,i didn't expected i will get any present or wat.

but surprisingly,2 students give me the present and it's really nice.

thanks for the parent and student.

even the school didnt give us any rewards on that day,but got children blessing me happy teachers day,i already happy enough.

I love child,i enjoy the teaching life~

Miss Teng, i trust i will be a good educator in early childhood education. Buck up!

*my dear yiteng and suey give me one...:>

Friday, April 18, 2008

uNhaPpY wIt mY jOb

even it's over,but it still keep in my heart forever and ever...
i hate u!!! hate u forever!!! but i won't express on my face,i will keep in my heart and find one day revenge u!!!

is u made me cry and angry!!! i will remember forever and ever!!!

old woman, u better watch out!!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

good bye my child~

today is last day that i work at SS17,got a little bit sad cos cant see those children anymore~
tomolo i will start work at nervous now~~~~
god bless me ya~~~

* he is malay+foreign boy o~

*they re in the assembling

*i love him very much~so cute

*she is beautiful,but like to cry~

*he is also quite cute one~

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goodbye Puan Aishah~

my dearest lecturer had gone and continue her study.

actually i quite unused the lecture class without her. sometimes i will angry her,but most time i love her,now she had stopped teaching us and I hav a little bit missing her.
Puan Aishah, I miss u and hope u everything good at there. muaksss...i love u~

*she was so surprised that we gave her a cake during last lecture. and she touching and i also gonna cry too.

*take a group picture with her...

*me and Aishah~